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Boston Real Estate
Boston Real Estate is Among the Most Desired in the World

Boston real estate is well known throughout the world because it is so desirable. Throughout the last ten years, the average price for single family homes and condos in Boston have nearly tripled. There are many Boston condos available out there. They are more common than single family homes. Boston also has a lot of multi-family homes available.

Once called My Anus and Shawmut by the Indians who once occupied the area, Boston was also originally named Trimountaine by the first Europeans who came to the area. Boston was first incorporated as a town in 1630 and then as a city in 1822. Today, it is comprised of 21 neighborhoods. The metropolitan area consists of the City of Boston and many suburbs like Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and many others.

Single family homes in Boston can range from the mid-$200,000s to over $10,000,000. Many Boston condos are available from between the mid-$100,000s up into multi million dollar prices. There is also a large variety of multi-family homes available too. Most of these are priced between $250,000 and $3,000,000. Many of the price ranges are determined by location, size and condition of the property.

Boston Condos
Boston Real Estate Offers Many Scenic Opportunities
Boston Condominiums
There are Endless Historical Sites in Boston

About Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Government - Beacon Hill
Boston is Home to the Massachusetts Statehouse

Boston is both the Capitol of Massachusetts and the largest New England city. It has a unique charm to it that is hard to find anywhere else in America. Many people consider it the closest city to London in the US because of its historic buildings mixed with modern architecture and its streets designed in a foregone era. It is named after Boston, England because a number of its early European settlers were from that city including the Mayflower Pilgrims William Brewster and William Bradford.

Boston has a number of images and subsequently it has a number of nicknames. Because of the many universities in the area, it is known to some as America's biggest college town. Its reputation as the smartest city in America helps bolster its identity as the Athens of America. It also has the nicknames Beantown, The Cradle of Freedom, The City on a Hill, The Hub and others.

Boston Commons
The Boston Common - 350 Years of History and Recreation


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