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Back Bay - Boston, Massachusetts

Real estate in Boston's Back Bay is recognized as among the most desirable in America. It is easy to imagine the time when America was in its infancy in the Back Bay. It has many historic buildings that are meticulously maintained. It is home to many charming shops and the two tallest buildings in Boston, the John Hancock Building and the Prudential Center. The architectural gems Trinity Church and Boston Public Library are also located here. Trinity Church is one that any person who loves church architecture must see. Among other things, the Boston Public Library is a great resource genealogists for doing research.

Boston's Back Bay is bordered by a number of neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill, Chinatown and the South End. Many of the homes in Back Bay are part of multi-unit buildings. There are not as many single family homes as there are in other neighborhoods of Boston. Condominiums are mainly priced from the $200Ks up into the millions. There some multi-family properties here but they can be hard to find.


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